Our Vision:

Creating STEM equity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander learners.

About Us:

We are the leading STEM resource support and programs charity for Indigenous children and communities in Australia. 

Indigenous STEM Legends

Madii Page

Wiradjuri – Marine Biologist

Dr Katrina Wruck

Mabuigilaig/Goemulgal – Industrial Chemist

Chris Warrior

Kokatha/Wirangu – Chief Remote Pilot

Krystal De Napoli

Gomeroi – Astrophysicist
Navigational Astronomy

This activity will provide learners with a broad understanding of celestial navigation and how to determine positions and directions by observing the stars, planets, the moon and the sun.

Drone Mapping

This activity delves into 3D mapping using cutting-edge technology, offering participants insights into drone operation and data collection techniques.

Fish Traps

Participants are introduced to engineering concepts such as iterations. In other words, taking a few tries to solve problems in the most efficient way. In addition they learn about environmental sustainability and caring for Country.

Mineralogy and Chemistry

This activity will help learners identify fit for purpose materials under a microscope. Make observations while using a microscope to identify the purpose of the properties of materials and how they are used in their own environment.

Indigenous Cultural Intellectual Property

Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property (ICIP) refers to the rights of Australia’s First Nations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) peoples to their cultural heritage.

Books delivered
We have provided over 25000 books to deadly learners across Australia
Boxes of resources
We delivered over 8,000 boxes of resources to Indigenous learner classrooms and schools across Australia.
Lego group recipients
We sent LEGO to over 1,500 recipients across Australia, helping to educate and inspire.
We delivered programs and resources to over 800 schools
Our programs were delivered to over 34,000 students across Australia
We supplied over 700 telescopes to Indigenous learner classrooms across Australia