Kids supporting Deadly Science

Deadly Science’s first aim is to provide science Resources and Books reading material to remote schools in Australia. As of now we have shipped over 14,000 books 500 telescopes and Chemistry sets plus other resources to over 112 schools with more to come.

The Deadly Science LTD Charity started after Corey Tutt found out that some schools I have been talking to had as few as 15 books in their library for the whole school!

We know from personal experiences that books & resources change lives, and these kids deserve nothing but the best. Deadly Science wants to ensure all schools have access to our history of Science by providing First nations resources to connect back to our First Scientists.

You can’t be what you can’t see. So let’s let them see it together.

Corey Tutt

DeadlyScience is also committed to putting Greenhouses into schools and providing students with sustainable drink bottles. 

Please contact us for sponsorship or sponsoring our Deadly junior scientist awards.

Donating to Deadly Science

We have been receiving donations from the staff and students from the University of Sydney. Professor Brian Cox and Dr Karl have also generously provided many signed copies of their books. We are now providing books to 112 schools in 5 states including the Northern territory . We are working on creating the Deadly Science podcast taking an in depth look at the history of Indigenous science in Australia and meeting current day Indigenous scientists chatting to them about their current projects.

Every donation to Deadly Science will help cover the shipping costs involved with sending science resources  to remote communities and schools and First nations kids all over Australia. 

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