About Us

We have a cultural responsibility to our first & future scientists

Our History

As a young person, Corey Tutt developed a love of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects but found little encouragement for Aboriginal people to pursue careers in STEM.

A key reason was that regional and remote schools were often critically under-resourced, and their students did not receive the same learning experiences as students in urban areas. 

To address this deficiency, Corey worked two jobs to purchase and send resources to some of these schools. In 2018 Corey founded DeadlyScience, a not-for-profit organisation to provide STEM resources and learning experiences to regional and remote schools in Australia and connect young Indigenous people with STEM professionals. 

Since then DeadlyScience has grown to be Australia’s leading Indigenous STEM charity working with over 800 schools and community organisations across all states and territories.

Our Vision

Creating STEM equity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander learners.

So what’s the size of the problem? The 2020 Australia’s STEM Workforce Report highlighted that the percentage of the Australian non-Indigenous population with a University STEM qualification is 5.2%. The percentage of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander with a University STEM qualification is 0.5% (or one tenth of the non-Indigenous rate). That’s a massive discrepancy. And the percentage is much lower than 0.5% for people living in regional and remote communities.

To close this gap the future generations of Australia’s First Scientists – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth – in regional and remote communities need support. We are sending their teachers STEM resources and delivering programs to ensure regional and remote schools have access to all the resources they need to create effective STEM learning experiences.

We know from personal experiences that books and resources change lives, and these students deserve a fair chance to shine.

Our values


We celebrate our First Scientists and INSPIRE future generations of Indigenous people to continue this tradition.


We EMPOWER and encourage learners to take charge of their lifelong learning.


We INNOVATE and lead in STEM education for Indigenous people.


We work together with COMMUNITY; they provide a connection between STEM, culture, education and beyond.


We are influenced and informed by our Indigenous CULTURE in all that we do.


We act with INTEGRITY and honesty.

Our Board

Corey Tutt OAM

Founder / CEO / Director

Zoe O’Hara

Board Chair

Allister Sutherland

CFO and Director

Darren Hammond


Taylah Griffin


Matthew Connors


Kurt Lackovic


Brendan Moyle


Mikaela French


Our Team

Corey Tutt OAM

Founder / CEO / Director

DJ Apanui

Administration Officer

Holly Austin

Administration Assistant

Kim Berry

Program Manager

Melissa Fogarty

Head of Marketing and Operations

Scott Machin

Chief Operating Officer

Tara Van Toorn

Marketing Officer

Vince Scott

Program Manager

Zac Prior

Program Manager

Business and Financial Information

DeadlyScience Business and Financial Information