DeadlyScience Delivers

DeadlyScience has partnered with national courier, Australia Post, to deliver books, resources and opportunities to young DeadlyScienitsts all over Australia. Read More

Build it so you can see it

Applications for $5000 resource grants for remote Australian schools are now open. This project focusses on access to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) resources and opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. Read More

Building relationships. Yours and ours

DeadlyScience is all about relationships, which is why we are excited to have support from Salesforce. DeadlyScience has received a wonderful grant from Salesforce of $135,000 to help increase STEM engagement in schools. The grant will help DeadlyScience engage, educate and facilitate science-based careers in a two-way learning process. Read More

Drive to STEM

DeadlyScience moves pretty quickly: we have sent tens of thousands of books and resources to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in remote communities in a very short time. But you have never seen DeadlyScience move this fast! Read More

DeadlyScience & WEHI

WEHI has partnered with leading Indigenous not-for-profit, DeadlyScience, to foster the next generation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander scientists, in the first partnership of its kind. Read More