Every single child in Australia deserves the opportunity to fall in love with STEM, and grass-roots initiatives like this are the ingredients we need to fuel that passion.
Corey Tutt
DeadlyScience is built on relationships and this partnership with WEHI will help us continue our commitment to working with schools to keep children interested in science by providing them with essential resources they may not otherwise have.
Corey Tutt

Under the new partnership, WEHI and DeadlyScience will work to co-design and deliver science-based programs and activities for First Nations school students.

Philanthropic support will also be sought to help fund partnership activities, including a new STEM project aimed at embedding and expanding initiatives at WEHI to build a pipeline for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people across different levels and entry points.

DeadlyScience has provided over 16,000 books, 500 telescopes and various other STEMresources to more than 400 schools across Australia since it was founded in 2018 and registered as a charity in 2020.

WEHI formalised its commitment to reconciliation with the institute’s first Reconciliation Action Plan in 2014, with a strong focus on building the next generation of First Nations scientists. In 2021, the institute made a strategic commitment to increasing participation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples at all levels in the organisation with the publication of its first Indigenous Employment Strategy.

Key initiatives include WEHI’s partnership with the CareerTrackers Indigenous Internship Program, offering multi-year internships to undergraduate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander university students, and the Chism Indigenous Honours Scholarship program that nurtures budding First Nations researchers.

Professor Hilton said: “We want to inspire and support First Nations people to enter and thrive in the sector across various levels. The DeadlyScience partnership is the latest commitment WEHI has made to make meaningful strides towards achieving this goal.”