Who is it for?

DeadlyScience will provide high-quality STEM learning resources to selected remote and very remote schools and communities.

Selection for the resources will be based on a simple application process.

The Opportunity

These opportunity resources will include weather stations books, individual STEM learning and experiment kits, and school STEM experimental supplies (lab coats and goggles for classes, experimental gear as needed, and two high-quality microscopes for each school). The DeadlyWeather project will provides resources aligned with Climate Science and Weather concepts. It aims to foster creativity and inquiry-based learning and to support the development of STEM skills in students and youth and engagement through hands-on learning.

What DeadlyScience will provide

DeadlyScience will take the first steps to establish a network of educational weather stations across remote communities by providing resources in the field of climate and weather sciences. These resources will include:

  • Weather station
  • Video conferencing sessions with climate experts and DeadlyScience staff
  • Class set of lab coats and goggles
  • Microscopes
  • DeadlyScience t-shirts
  • DeadlyScience Australian Geographic books


The DeadlyWeather project aims to foster engagement in STEM and support the development of STEM skills in students in  remote and very remote schools across Australia. The program will involve deep cross pollination between Indigenous and non- Indigenous weather and climate knowledge, and link remote students and teachers with top-tier scientists and their research to provide them with real time data science and skills. The objectives of the grant opportunity are to:

  • Engagement: Celebrating STEM knowledge and the enjoyment of science
  • Education: Developing a stronger scientific literacy especially with respect to weather and climate
  • Enrolment: Intentions of students to choose STEM subjects in further years. Intention of student to investigate STEM concepts and knowledge further outside of class.
  • Employment: Awareness and opportunity of careers in STEM


Key Documents

Application opportunity guidelines