100 Kits for Kits-Mas – We did it!

Hold your very own Kits-mas Party

…and raise funds to inspire the next generation of deadly scientists by supporting DeadlyScience to purchase microscopy kits for schools across Australia.

Many schools across Australia do not have access to microscopes and microscopy kits. Microscopes inspire and engage learners to find out more. They encourage exploration and reward curiosity. Microscopes provide real hands on activities in the classroom and also allow educators to bring the world outside under the microscope inside. Microscopes unlock unseen worlds and help learners to overcome critical barriers by strengthening their school experience and  enabling learners to be the scientist they imagine.

For every $600 raised DeadlyScience will send Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander learner classrooms;

  • a microscope,
  • a microscopy kit,
  • microscopy slides, and
  • a teacher guide.

We would love to send as many microscopy kits out to schools in Term 1 2024 as we possibly can.

Join us in sending out these resources by holding a fundraising Kits-mas Party with your work, family or friends this Christmas – you can even hold a virtual party! Follow the link below to start your fundraising campaign;

We’ve made it easier for you by creating a folder of handy resources to start you on your fundraising campaign. Just click on the folder below and slide into your Kits-mas party! Remember to take some cell-fies and share them on socials.



We are proud to partner with Tarran Marr-Harris on the creative for this campaign. Tarran is a proud Birrbay, Warrimay and Dhanggati man, who expresses himself through his artistry, culture and design – which are intrinsically part of his identity. Tarran completed a Diploma of Graphic Design at Billy Blue College of Design in 2022 and has since been freelancing within the design industry, specifically cultural design, focused on contemporary story and truth-telling. Tarran has also recently established his own contemporary design agency, Malu Industries.

Tarran also previously worked as an Indigenous Educational Worker in primary education, to develop and deliver cultural programs and establish invaluable connections with community. Driven by creative and cultural connectivity and expression, Tarran aims to bring his diverse skills and knowledge to all spaces to advocate for the now and future of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.



Here is a joke you can use at your party:
Why did the germ cross the microscope?
To get to the other slide of course!