Deadly Learners ticket registration

The free Deadly Learners sessions give young Indigenous students a chance to share key ideas, meet STEM professionals, ask questions and share knowledge.

Designed on the idea of putting STEM professionals in front of young Indigenous students in order to increase the awareness of opportunities for them in STEM. This is the idea that you cannot be what you cannot see. These sessions cover a range of topics interesting and engaging to students and harness a sense of discovery and knowledge sharing. Deadly Learners is focused on two-way learning, designed to engage students.

During the 1 hour online Deadly Learners session, we may cover a range of topics. The structure is designed to be flexible and often takes a direction that is different to expectations. During the session, Our STEM professional is encouraged to include stories, demonstrations, experiments, hands-on activities, photos, etc. This is fine and wonderful. We encourage interaction between students and STEM professionals in an organic & engaging way.

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