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Artwork by Bundjalung Artist Charmaine Ledden-Lewis:

My initial response to this years science theme, ‘Innovation; Powering Future Industries’ was to channel the concern I felt regarding technologies supporting Artificial Intelligence, and consider whether we will harness the perceivable benefits of AI, or allow it to be the demise of our intrinsic creativity, and by extension, our humanity. What will the future look like? What kind of world will our children inherit? What dangers await them on the horizon and what industries will be invested in and relied upon to help overcome their plight? This lead to retrospection, and to explore the ways in which our Ancestors built a relationship with Country spanning thousands of years before colonisation. Our Deadly Scientists of the past promoted a harmonious and symbiotic way of life, through caring for Country, taking only what was necessary, and imbedding balance and respect into every aspect of living. Through this study, I began to see our ancient innovations as beacons of hope, shining brightly as viable solutions for our children’s future; fraught with unknowns, and knowns, such as climatic disasters and financial crises.

Artistically, I also began to notice the similarities between ancient and modern symbolism, and how they communicate. I wished to meld these two lineal languages into my design, drawing our past and our present together, facing each other in conversation, and playfully suggesting at a continuation and innovation of visual language for the future.

The technologies I pay homage to in my design are;

1 – Indigenous astronomy and space exploration
2 – Extinct species revitalisation and advancement in DNA usability
3 – Caring for Country
4 – Solar energy and battery storage solutions
5 – Social sciences, shaping our democracy
6 – Bush fire mitigation using cool burns
7 – Consideration for our carbon footprint
8 – Clean water management
9 – Passive technologies
10 – Sustainable agriculture and native food sources
11 – Design and engineering
12 – Artificial Intelligence
12 – Bush medicines

I hope this design sparks further contemplation with you. Keep thinking, keep dreaming.


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